About me

Hi! I typically go by Jello on the internet (it's an old username that seems to have stuck). I use he/him pronouns. I created Leonard's Place and its growing cast of characters. Aside from some creator's notes here or there, you won't see me interacting out of character much beyond this page. I am brand new to website design but I'm having a lot of fun messing around with HTML and CSS at the moment. If you notice any scuffed coding on my pages or have any other suggestions, let me know on my neocities profile!


My interests are sure to shine through in the reviews on this site (once those pages are built) but I figured I'd share some stuff here anyway! I watch a lot of movies and like to search out new music, but I also read a fair amount and play video games in the few moments that I have the time to lol. Coding sites is a new hobby of mine, as is browsing neocities! I love the vibes on this side of the internet! Anyways, here are some favourite pieces of media


  • Halloween (1978)
  • Scream
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Phil Tippet's Mad God
  • One Cut of the Dead


  • Green Day
  • Foo Fighters
  • King Gizzard
  • Pond
  • The Mountain Goats
  • Jeff Rosenstock

    Video Games

  • Night in the Woods
  • Kingdom Hearts II
  • Sam and Max
  • Hypnospace Outlaw
  • Hades
  • Borderlands 3


  • Haunting of Hill House
  • Infinity Train
  • Bojack Horseman
  • Midnight Mass
  • Tear Along the Dotted Lines
  • What We Do In The Shadows

    Books and Comics

  • House of Leaves (still reading)
  • Wolf in White Van
  • Scott Pilgrim
  • Mort (also still reading)
  • Bubble
  • Death of a Salesman


While it was briefly mentioned on Leonard's about page, I figure as the actual site owner I should make a more explicit statement on the future of the net. I, like many others, is tired of how corporatized the internet has become. Large media companies have fenced us of into a handful of highly manipulative social media platforms. The demands of Web 2.0 are taxing and geniunely harms the human experience.

Unfortunately, many of the efforts to evolve past Web 2.0 are similarly abysmal. Crypto bros and anarcho-capitalists of all flavours want to make the web even more profit motivated by moving to what they call Web 3.0. This would be a hugely problematic shift, bringing everything horrible about cryptocurrencies into our day-to-day interactions with the web.

This is why neocities and similar indieweb platforms exist. The communities growing here are, for the most part, made up of people who want the internet to evolve into something else. Something more human, more liberating (in the actual sense of the word, not the economic BS of libertarianism). Modelled off Web 1.0, these communities seek to carve out a piece of the internet for creativity, individuality, and expression.

If you appreciate this sentiment, then I encourage you to join this little movement of sorts and make a site of your own! Neocities is free to use and as an absolute beginner I've found HTML and CSS very easy to learn. For more information, I'd reccomend visiting both Yesterweb and Sadness's Site