Where am I?

Leonard's Place is my first ever site! I am new to coding and website design in general so it may be a little rough around the edges, but I'm cosntantly updating to improve things here and there and add cool new junk! I'll be updating the site soon with some places for reviews of all kinds hosted by me and my friends!

Who are you?

My name is Leonard! My picture is on the home page! I'm a big fan of the old web aesthetic and a recent explorer of neocities and the indieweb as a whole.

What are you?

Well that's a bit fucking rude don't you think? Just because I'm a monster made up of abstract lines doesn't mean you can ask questions like that! But to answer your question, I am a monster made up of abstract lines. Pardon my vulgarity -- like this website, I myself am a work in progress.

You mentioned reviews?

Yeah! Me and my friends consume all varities of media, from music and books to movies and games! It will take a while to get each of them their own page, but soon enough you'll have our curated list of the best albums, movies, books, games, and websites!

So what's the deal with these little jukebox icons?

I'm not in a position currently to be paying a monthly supporter fee which means I can't put music directly on my site. So, until I do become a supporter, the jukeboxes link to external beepbox pages where you can listen to my loops!

Tip: each of my friends has their own theme, so you only need to change the music when the site's background changes. For example, my theme is the same on this page as it is on the home page!

Why do all this?

Creator's Note:I only discovered Neocities recently, but I have for a while been an admirerer of an older internet, one that I really only caught the tail end of in its time. Since then, the web has become increasingly centralized and corporatized. Sites like this are an effort to reclaim the days of web 1.0 without promoting the anarcho-capitalist delusion of web 3.0. Upon discovering Neocities and the indieweb at large, I admired the inclusive and thoughful community built around this niche, and this site is my attempt to join that community. If you too are new to Neocities, I hope you enjoy exploring as much as I have and can be convinced to make your own site!

Creator's Note? Is Leonard not real???

Creator's Note: He's real in my heart, don't take this from me! Jokes aside, I have my own page if you'd like to know more about the guy behind the scenes :)